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As a fully licensed online casino platform, Gullybet provides a plethora of games where players have the chance to win substantial bonuses. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive online casino service and entertainment experience. Our membership program, known as the affiliate program, extends the opportunity for partners and investors to share in our success.

Interested in earning commissions as part of your income with Gullybet? Our site offers all players the chance to earn commissions, and by becoming members, they contribute to the continued growth and success of Gullybet. Join us now and be a part of our thriving community.

Can I become a Gullybet Agent?

Becoming a Gullybet Agent is open to all. The initial commission rate won’t be contingent on requirements such as valid new members, net profit, or active members. Gullybet will commence commission payouts to agents whose members not only register but also actively engage in playing our exciting games.

Gullybet affiliates application

Even if you don’t play the games, becoming a Gullybet agent is the quickest way to make money and the simplest way to attract gaming customers. As long as you have the ability to build your team, you can be our Gullybet agent and become wealthy. If you are interested, please click the button below:

Become our partner in 3 simple steps.

After you become a affiliates of Gullybet, you can start promoting links to get revenue share. Members can access Gullybet’s online reporting system at any time to view statistics and earnings. The amount of money you will earn depends on your marketing efficiency.

1. Commission Plan

Through the Gullybet loyalty program, you will receive a percentage of referral commissions. Depending on the number of qualified customers a player receives, you will receive up to 50% of the monthly commissions for each member can be calculated as follows based on the total amount of money spent per member on sports and casino games.

Commission Rate
Valid Players
Negative Profit

All invited members must be guaranteed to be real and able to play at Gullybet, if the membership criteria does not meet the quality of the site, you will not receive any commissions and any negative balance from any month will be carried forward to the next month.

2. Sub-affiliate commission

Invite your friends to join Gullybet through member link! The more affiliate members, the higher your income. So, if you want to earn high commissions, join as a Gullybet affiliate now!


Calculation of Downline Referral Commission: Level N (Level N – 1 Referred Players) Total Valid wager = T Level N Referral Commission = (T * 0.5%) * 10%(N-1)

Terms and conditions
  1. To maintain integrity and prevent fraudulent activities, Gullybet’s risk management department will meticulously verify information provided by each agent, including real name, email, mobile number, and more. In cases of fraud or arbitrage, Gullybet reserves the right to ban associated agents without prior notice.

  2. Agents are expected to understand their responsibilities and actively promote our website to their members, ensuring mutual profitability. They must adhere to relevant Indian laws, utilize legal methods for business expansion, and bear all associated marketing costs.

  3. Without explicit permission from Gullybet, agents are prohibited from disclosing or distributing any relevant information, including web pages, website logos, reports, game pages, and images. Agents are also obliged to protect Gullybet’s rights and reputation; failure to do so may result in immediate termination of cooperation.

  4. Agents registered for over three months must recruit at least five members, including one member with a deposit. Failure to meet this requirement may lead to cooperation termination and closure of the agent’s account.

  5. Gullybet disclaims any responsibility for negative impacts on its reputation resulting from the actions of agents.

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