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Withdraw money easily and securely at Gullybet

Gullybet is your dedicated destination for online casino and sports betting enthusiasts. With partnerships with top-notch casino game providers, we offer a curated selection of popular game titles that have undergone rigorous security checks, ensuring a confident and safe betting experience for our players.

At Gullybet, we pride ourselves on our reputation as a reputable and secure website. Our robust security system ensures that deposits and withdrawals are both fast and secure, providing peace of mind to our users. You can trust us to provide a safe environment for your gaming and betting activities.

No matter your preferred game, Gullybet offers the opportunity to turn your winnings into cash. Simply register, start playing, and let us handle the rest. With a variety of payout partners to choose from, converting your winnings is easy and secure with our convenient system.

Making deposits at Gullybet couldn’t be simpler. Whether through our website or mobile app, our automatic deposit process is quick and hassle-free, requiring minimal time from the player. Experience the easiest and most convenient way to fund your gaming adventures with Gullybet.

Gullybet withdrawal method

With Gullybet’s withdrawal system, simplicity is key. Once players have deposited funds into their web account and used them for betting, they can easily withdraw their winnings through the same account. Follow our step-by-step instructions below, and you’ll be able to claim your winnings within an hour.<br>


To withdraw funds on your PC or mobile application, please follow these steps.


1. To withdraw funds, players need to log in to their membership and click on the “Withdraw Funds” button.

2.Once the new page appears, your withdrawal account will appear on the page.

3.Players must fill in the withdrawal information as requested on the page. You will be able to withdraw funds from your account on Gullybet by filling in the details correctly.

4. Gullybet offers three deposit methods

  • UPI
  • Cash
  • Local Bank
  • Why can't I withdraw money from the site?

    Some players are confused as to why they can’t withdraw money on Gullybet, below we will explain why you can’t withdraw money.
    • Withdrawals from Gullybet are subject to several rebate requirements, which must be met to initiate a withdrawal.
    • The site may undergo adjustments during bank maintenance, affecting withdrawal processes.
    • Before initiating a withdrawal, members must confirm the withdrawal amount.
    • Third-party deposits or withdrawals are not permitted on the site; transactions must be made only from member accounts.
    • Any attempt at third-party transactions will activate the site’s security mechanism, requiring members to submit personal withdrawal data files for verification.
    • In the event of third-party involvement, Gullybet will request transfer documents from the member for verification purposes.
    • We apologize for any inconvenience caused, as these procedures are in place to adhere to the company’s security policy.
    The professional online service team at Gullybet wants players to be able to play fun and smooth games on the site and needs fast financial transactions, and wants to provide an experience that will satisfy all players.

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